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The Team

Who We Are & What We Do

The MRG group at our field lab in Begbroke

The Mobile Robotics Group (MRG) researches many aspects of mobile autonomy with a particular emphasis on perception and understanding of large workspaces. Lifelong infrastructure-free navigation lies at the heart of the group's research agenda. This is an information engineering problem encompassing lifelong learning, multi-sensor fusion / perception, control, planning, state estimation and software engineering.

Prof. Newman and Dr. Posner with RobotCar

The group currently has 22 members and is led by Prof. Paul Newman and Dr. Ingmar Posner. Our home is in the Information Engineering Building at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. We run a field lab at Begbroke Science Park where we operate and develop the Bowler WildCat Autonomous Road Vehicle and some of the group's other robots. The most recent additions to our menagerie are two Nissan LEAFS delivered to us by Nissan in September 2012. The Mobile Robotics Group has a funding and I.P. model built around industrial collaboration and we are always on the lookout for new partners and investors.

Collaboration with Nissan

RobotCar posing

We are proud collaborators with Nissan. Although the navigation, planning and control algorithms which run the vehicle are an Oxford University project, our progress is underpinned by fantastic technical support and great vehicle hardware from Nissan.

To Learn More Visit MRG's Academic Site

Key Facts

  • Based in The Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
  • Founded in 2003
  • Led by Prof. Paul Newman & Dr. Ingmar Posner
  • 22 members
  • Specialise in robot autonomy
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