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RobotCar posing

The Cars

Our base vehicle is a Nissan LEAF - an all-electric car. The car has an off-the-shelf computer in the boot connected to various cameras and lasers hidden around the car’s body. We started working on the LEAF in September 2012 as part of a collaboration with Nissan. Read more...

A 3D Laser Point Cloud Generated by RobotCar

How It Works

You'll always see someone sitting in the driver’s seat but they won’t always be doing the driving. Our software uses data from the on-board sensors to figure out where the vehicle is on the road. We don’t rely on GPS or expensive 3D sensors. The navigation system we have built costs less than £5000. Read more...

The MRG team at our Begbroke field center

The Team

We are the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group - a team of 22 researchers within the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. We are led by Prof. Paul Newman and Dr. Ingmar Posner and specialise in large-scale robust robot autonomy. Read more....