We are not condemned to a future of congestion, accidents and time wasting. We will eventually have cars that can drive themselves, interacting safely with other road users and using roads efficiently, thus freeing up our precious time. But to do this the machines need life-long infrastructure-free navigation, and that, alongside autonomous perception, is a real focus of our work.



TICSync is an extremely efficient algorithm for learning the mapping between distributed clocks, which typically achieves better than millisecond accuracy ...
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Simple, open-source, cross-platform software for mobile robotics research. We use MOOS on all of our robots and applications including the ...
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FABMAP is an approach to topological appearance based SLAM. For an overview of the work (including papers and data sets) ...
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We have published a number of datasets. Under each heading you will find the associated paper, as well as links ...
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Alastair and Robotcar


RobotCar is a modified Nissan LEAF. Lasers and cameras are subtly mounted around the vehicle and taking up some of ...
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Robotcar and laser

How RobotCar works

Our approach We use the mathematics of probability and estimation to allow computers in robots to interpret data from sensors ...
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Learning Place-Dependent Feature Detectors for Localisation Across Extreme Lighting and Weather Conditions

This work is about metric localisation across extreme lighting and weather conditions. The typical approach in robot vision is to ...
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Robust, Long-Term Visual Localisation using Illumination Invariance

This work is about extending the reach and endurance of outdoor localisation using stereo vision. At the heart of the ...
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Distraction Suppression for Vision-Based Pose Estimation at City Scales

This work addresses the challenging problem of vision-based pose estimation in busy and distracting urban environments. By leveraging laser-generated 3D ...
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Experienced Based Navigation

This work addresses the difficult problem of navigation in changing, dynamic environments. Assuming the world is static in appearance results in brittle ...
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