• Robotcar (c) John Cairns
  • Clearpath Husky Fleet
  • Wildcat on Begbroke approach
  • Robotcar interface
  • NABU montage
  • Beaumont Street
  • LEAFS & Wildcat parked
  • reading_group_letterbox
  • 21-Oct-2014 cropped b
  • IMG_1854 croped

The Oxford Mobile Robotics Group (MRG) is all about Mobile Autonomy. The group was founded in 2003  and is lead by Professor Paul Newman and  Professor Ingmar Posner. We are a vibrant and innovative research team.  We research many aspects of mobile autonomy with a particular emphasis on navigation, perception and understanding of large workspaces.  We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a prestigious £5M EPSRC Programme Grant which will further accelerate our research into land based mobile autonomy.

You can read about some of the platforms we run on the Applications page. You might be interested in two of our major projects : Self Driving Cars and Autonomous Pods in Milton Keynes.

In 2014 a spin-out company called Oxbotica was launched to drive commercialisation and cross domain impact  of our work.







Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford